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Two Weeks Until Tournament

Dark eyes.

Sore and tired body.

Quiet mind.


While working some one told me,

"Don't waste your years man, these are your prime years."

Honestly, that made me think for a second. Am I wasting my time by working and training so much. My parents even commented that all I do is work and sleep. I'm having fun and feel good living this way, even though it is an exhausting way of living.

This exhaustion comes not just from working hard, but not having a direction. Like a feather in the wind, my destination just floats around my mind. The constant wondering of where I will go and when it will happen haunts my mind.

Even though I have a plan of what I want to do (and how to get there), it still isn't set in stone. Something could easily come along to change my plan. Kung Fu is still my main focus. Although, now I put more time into my job (45 hrs a week) and training MMA/BJJ (6-10 hrs a week).

Which brings me to my tournament. I don't expect to win but I want to. Watching all the videos that I've taken has given me a good idea on what I need to improve. That is what the tournament is helping me do, focus on all the small details I need to improve. Without this tournament, I wouldn't be as focused as I am now on making everything perfect. I've even seen improvements in my kicks!

Two weeks left. Many things on my mind.

Hope you're having a good day.

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