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Eventful Weekend ๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅ‰

Men's Intermidiate Northern Long/Short Weapon


Laying down comfortably in my bed, my mind races with thoughts. Muscles ache, bruises tender to the touch, and neck stiff as ever. Thoughts about last weekend's tournament flood my brain.

It's odd to be at peace after such a hectic weekend. The one thought running strongest in my brain is now I can say that I've fought. Not just once, but twice! They were quick, sloppy fights but I learned so much in so little time. It's the first time that I feel like the "warrior" part of "warrior monk". My first fight, I just went out with power. Not thinking much, just doing and living in the moment. I did okay, but lost in two rounds. For my second fight, I used my brain and power. I kicked more, grabbed more, punched more, and did more. I won in two rounds, but in the moment I had thought I lost. It was only through my dad that I knew what was going on. Leaving the Lei Tai, I have no regrets. I believe I did the best that I could.

All of this weekend was another step to keep me motivated. To keep training, keep fighting, keep trying. I won once and lost once, I think that shows that I have a small amount of skill. Even though it is small, its still skill. With this motivation, also came understanding. Now I realize why we do conditioning, why we train basics, why we run, why we do what we do. It all has a purpose. That is where the other parts of the martial art come into play. I'm using medicine oils to see if they work on my bruises, eating and drinking a lot to help recovery, and moving around. Later today I will do some Qi Gong to help stretch the sore tendons.

I'm just going to relax the day away.

Hope you are having a good weekend.



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