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Learn Kung Fu at Home!

Take the chance to learn Kung Fu from the comfort of your home. All that is needed to start is a little bit of space and passion to become a better version of yourself!

The Paths

Kung Fu is an art with so much content. Starting out can be quite confusing which is why I am here to guide you along one of the many paths that Kung Fu offers.

Health, Fighting, Meditation

The three paths offered are health, fighting, and meditation. In order to get the full experience of Kung Fu, it is key to train these three parts. If you are looking to just improve one part of your life; then it is okay to only follow one!


The Goal

Each path has it's own purpose and it's own set of skills that you will learn.

Health is the foundation of Kung Fu. It is here that you will learn various stances and forms in order to improve your flexibility, coordination, cardio, and strength.

Fighting is taking the theories of the forms and putting them to action against real opponents. Developing strength and power is the goal of the fighter's path.

Meditation is where you will slow down, learning to control your breath and understanding your mind. Here you will practice various Qi Gong forms and learn different ways of meditation.

Courses Coming Soon!

The courses are taking time to make, as I'm just a single person making them, but they should be out in late 2024.

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