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First Fight in Thailand

"Say a little, do a lot, woo, no excuses...

Had to make my own plans, I don't need your two-cents, ay

Yeah, I don't wanna hear excuses

I just like to make moves and make improvements"

New Week, New Goals

Bruises. Swollen Foot. Sore Jaw. Positive Mood. Thanks to everyone that saw my fight on Saturday Night. I spent Sunday recovering. Sleeping in late, eating some good food, and writing down what I want to do.

Last Week of March

Same Goals, New Order...

A month has passed and I feel that I haven't done enough in that time. Training has been going well. Living in Phuket has been great. I have to focus on my financial budget more, and check some goals off of my list in the new month.

📖 Start consistently studying Thai

📷 Keep Making Content

🧘 Keep Meditating/Stretching

🥊Keep Training

🏋️ Start Lifting weights

👟 Start Running again

This time, the goals are put in an order of importance. Meditation/Stretching has gone above training as my last fight has me doubting if I could really coach martial arts. Also, I've realized how much I really enjoy the Yoga classes at Tiger Muay Thai.

Sick Ride...

One of the things I've been kicking myself about is not getting out there. Doing new things. Going to see places. Shoot, I still haven't used my place's pool yet! This led me to renting a scooter for a week (2000 THB deposit, 1000 THB for the week). I want to learn how to drive this thing since I have a long term plan of staying in Thailand.

To many this is a small, easy step to do but for me its a big step.

As I did with this month, I have some goals for this week and next month. It's just like the usual goals. I want to go see some places, do some things, and make content consistently. This word plagues me as it is the main thing that I need to work on. Doing positive stuff consistently.

Reflecting on the Fight

There was a lot of positive support for me in my fight. I thank everyone for showing up or watching online. As often as people will say,"You went in and gave it your all" or "You're a winner for stepping in the ring". It still feels bad to lose. Especially getting knocked down three times.

It is so weird to watch my fight footage and compare it to how I drill/spar. It is like two different people. I'll keep trying, I'm not going to give up. It is just hard. The coaches were disappointed, I was disappointed, my aussie bud lost a few Thai Baht. I just want to win. To be good at something.


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