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Two Gold Medals

Delayed Flight.

Tired Eyes.

Money Spent.

Weekend Gone.


It has been an interesting weekend full of sleeping and Kung Fu. My body got to rest and my mind got to wander. After I did my two events, I was happy to be bringing home Gold from the beginner division. I was complimented many times on my Dharma Sword form; which felt nice because Master Bao said I needed to practice it a lot more. Now, I have to prepare for the next tournament which is the ICMAC tournament in Las Vegas. I'll have to contact them and see if I can compete in the intermediate division instead of the beginner division.

It seems my hard work is paying off, now I only have a week to refine my forms.

There is one more tournament I might go to (if I have the money) and that is the Northwest Wushu Tournament in Seattle. There, I would like to perform my Da Hong Quan, Mei Hua Dan Dao, Da Mo Jian, and Shaolin Jing Sai Spear. It would be neat to see how I do but... I would have a lot to practice then!

Even though I only competed in the beginner division, I think this further solidifies what Master Peng said to me: I can teach basics because my stances are good.

After all that, the trouble is now trying to get home!

Hope you're having a good start to your week.

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