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Everyone Can Fight

"Sometimes it's very difficult to explain why people do the things they do... You'll often find that there are no simple explainations"

-Dalai Lama, "The Art of Happiness, A Handbook for Living"

Opportunities in Thailand

One of my reasons for coming to Thailand was to have more opportunities to fight. I'm not saying that there are not opportunities in America, but they are fewer. Plus, travel, training, and living is just more expensive. This week alone, there are three fights going on. A fight on Wednesday, a fight on Friday, and a fight next Monday. All stacked just like the first fight I went to and all taking place at different venues. I think I came to the right place. One of the training partners in the intermediate class is fighting tomorrow. All I have to do is take both classes and book privates, then I'll be able to fight.

Ten Days of Adventure

Today's Grind

My second week comes to a close. I'm pretty happy with how I spent this week. Two yoga sessions, gym ring work, and I went to Muay Thai every morning. Sure, I'm sore and I wake up tired but this is what I want to do. Train, travel, eat, and sleep. What a great life. Friday will be finished by doing the same thing! Training, Stretching, Eating, Sleeping.

Keeping the journal has helped me build the schedule I need to stay focused. I'm reading, journaling, and working on the "Johnny's Adventure" brand more. To make some potential income, I'm looking into freelance websites like Fiverr, freelancer, or something else. I think I could do Photo/Video editing for folks at a reasonable price. Each time I travel, I get a little wiser to how much everything costs (On Soi Ta-iad, "Fighter's Street", I usually spend about 20 dollars a day on food, laundry, and drinks). Add that to the relatively cheap accommodation and transport costs, it doesn't take much to live here.

Weekend Plans?

As much as I'd like to go out and explore the beaches and temples; I think this weekend will be a "work weekend" for me. I've been putting off editing some videos for a while now. On top of that, there are a few video ideas that I'd like to shoot as well. (Handstand on top of mountain?) Before shooting new stuff, I really have to finish the videos already on the burner. If I get that all done, maybe I rent a scooter and head to the beach.

My Journal

Friday Morning Cerebration

Getting carried away on the next big thing is so easy. That is why I'm taking things a bit slower than planned. Eating right, training well, stretching, recovering, all while giving myself time to work on my blog and videos. As much as I'd like to jump in to become a fighter, I realize that anyone can become a fighter here. As much as I'd like to rent a scooter and head off to all the places, I know myself. It would be another distraction for my already undisciplined mind.

I want to make this lifestyle sustainable.


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