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Focus, Action, Consistency

"If you can see it here. And you have the courage enough to speak it, it will happen."


There is this idea out there that your thoughts and words manifest ideas out into the real world. So, if you speak it, write it, put action towards it, then whatever it is will come to fruition. (That is part of the reason this blog exists) Working towards manifesting your idea isn't magic. The combination of focus, consistency, and work will bring about this "magical" manifestation.


"the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition." (noun) or, "pay particular attention to." (verb)

The first step is to find an idea that you want to focus on. For my example, we will use becoming better at martial arts but the idea can be anything. A project, a product, a plan, or simply a task at work. Once the big idea is figured out, now you can go further by narrowing down your idea into individual parts. For martial arts, this might be wanting to improve kicks, punches, or grappling. For learning a language, this might be wanting to improve reading, speaking, or vocabulary.


With the big idea broken down into pieces; it is now time to put action towards one of these pieces. Depending on the kind of person you are, this might mean making a plan or you might just start working right away. In our example with martial arts, when trying to improve kicks one person might do research on the best way to kick higher while one person might just practice the kicks using what they already know. What is important early on is that you put in relevant work towards your goal. Make sure each time you work towards this goal that the amount of effort and time that you spend isn't too much; and not too little.


Now that you've started working on one piece of your idea. It is time to keep working towards it consistently. Daily, if needed. Through consistently being focused and putting action towards your goal, you will see progress. Even if it is slow progress.

What does this have to do with Manifesting?

While on this process you will have to constantly remind yourself of the end goal. The big idea. The why. This is where your thoughts, words, and actions come together. Tell yourself why you are being so focused, why you are working so hard, and on the days when you want to give up it is these thoughts and words that will help you continue. Through these words and actions, you will Manifest your goal.

My Experience

I used this method to go train Kung Fu in China. I used this method to work and come to Thailand. All the work that I did towards these goals wouldn't have happened unless I had these thoughts to keep going. In my eyes, it was towards a better future doing something I love. Everyone will have unforeseen challenges, and you might need help along the way. Both are a normal part of the process.

Just think of those little obstacles as tests. Life testing you to see how much do you really want your goal?

Hope this helps in some way.


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