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Dragon Blood and Ancient Shrines

God of Rain, God who hears all

"So, the first step in seeking happiness is learning."

-Dalai Lama, Chapter 3,

"The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living"

Are You Ready?

Prepare your mind, heart, and schedule.

Almost three weeks in Thailand. That's crazy. The three weeks have gone well but they haven't gone the way that I planned. So, this week I might be a bit busy as I try to get started on some things. Plus, my training is ramping up to two a days.

New Goals!

Even though the weeks haven't gone as planned, I've still gotten a lot done. Those goals that I set on day one were blasted out of the ballpark. This allows me to set some new ones!

The New Ones:

🥊Go to two classes Monday thru Saturday. (Can be group classes or privates)

🥊Train Legs twice a week in weight room

🥊Keep Gym Rings going 4 times a week

🥊Do Dexa/Body weight scan on Monday

🥊Study Thai and Chinese a few times a week

I realized while walking around, my Chinese reading ability has gotten worse.

🧘Keep Stretching and Meditating!

What's Important... that I'm still healthy and happy. This whole take it easy/acclimate idea is really working well. Sure, I get a bit envious of the guys moving on to the advanced class or going to fights within a month of their stay but I know that, if I really want it, life will give me the chance once I'm ready. Hopefully, those that are reading this blog can get something out of it.

Reflecting on Myself

One thing that I said to the QA Team before I left the factory was, "I'm nervous, but usually if you're nervous you're heading into the right path".

Two years of me saying, "I'll be training in Thailand/China", and now I'm actually here. To train. To fight. It's spooky. I've fought these jitters everyday before class. But, I think I'm being smart enough to not rush in too early. Let me get used to the weather, let me get used to the jitters, and let me see what I'm really getting myself into. I'm more patient. I'm more disciplined. I'm a little smarter.

Time + Effort = ???


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