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Bushido, the Latest Training Ground

Two people grappling in BJJ

Back on the Mat

A ragged elevator crafted out of loose planks and exposed nails dragged itself up to the ninth floor. The towering masion in Shanghai was home to businesses, offices, and apartments. Stepping out of the elevator, a simple glass door stood to my left. "Bushido BJJ and MMA" was what the well worn sticker said. This was it, my newest training grounds for the next two months.

My feet first landed in this gym on the 5th of December, and since then I've been going almost everyday. The small L shaped gym hosts a variety of punching bags, kettlebells, and other tools for training. There is also enough space that everyone can train. Even during the more crowded classes of 20+ people. The coaches are all well experienced, each with their own stories and accomplishments.

As always, my first few classes led to me getting smashed into the mats by any and all belt types. Slowly, I started to remember moves from my inconsistent training. Even heading back to the apartment to review videos for the next training session. I'd like to say that I have this passion for getting better at BJJ, or a passion to one day be a grappling champion. The truth is... I don't. I'm simply reviewing videos and "shadow grappling" in the apartment so that I can survive. Using the mindfulness ideas from meditation, I pay more attention in the classes than before. As we roll, or spar, I limit myself to improving one of my issues or using the move that we learned on that day.

Although the progress is invisible to me, I'm finally thinking during rolls instead of acting purely on instinct. Maybe, this will lead me to getting that blue belt.


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