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Blessing in Disguise

"It's a different kind of feeling when you're doing what you wanna do

Charity is great but you can't help until you make it too

Or maybe that's the reason you've been all broken up

Vanity keeps you panicked your image isn't focused up

Open up and talk about, walk it out and talk again

Closing off is why you see those fucking walls closin' in

Break em' down and go outside

Live your life don't live the lie

Lose the attitude and prove that you know how to be alive

And prove that you can thrive, get your money, buy the things

But know that honesty and guts is how you bought the ring

And now your married to it, scarred up a changed person

Reward the hard work looks like the pain was worth it."

-E-Dubble, Changed My Mind

Preparing for the Blizzard

This winter storm that has come through has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My last day at work was supposed to be on Thursday but our work is shutting down due to the storm. So, my last day is today. I'll spend this weekend packing, training, and stretching.

I feel like such a weight has been lifting off of my back. The journey that I've been talking about is finally becoming real.

What Have I Done This Week?

Weekly Actions

This week I haven't done well with my goals. I did pack. I did my taxes. I did contact some places to check out in Thailand. I haven't stretched. I haven't lifted weights. I haven't ran. The week isn't over. I still have time to finish it strong!

Daily Goals

Today, I simply need to do my daily goals.

  • Run (if possible in the blizzard)

  • Stretch, front splits and side splits

  • Lift Weights

  • Practice Meditating

  • Study Thai... something I haven't done in a long time

Reflecting on the Future?

Time really does go by fast. A bunch of coworkers have asked me how long I've worked here. My response was always the same, "Almost two years". The two years has gone by very very fast.

Dinero, Mula, Qian, Cash

I'm already thinking about how to get a new form of income going. That's my main worry. Money from fights in Thailand won't come until I'm "skilled". Youtube is a slow gain, they say you need to be consistently on Youtube for about two years before a small bit of income starts coming in. So, I'm probably going to refresh myself on programming in order to open up some contract jobs. Maybe I'll also do some video editing jobs on Fiverr or something.


Want to support the journey? Check out the links below!

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…or check out my Dad's book "21 Day Personal Journey"

…or support my buddy's clothing brand "Canine Clothing - For Those on a Journey"

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