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Yesterday's Tough Mudder

Twin Cities Tough Mudder 2022

This weekend was fun. Lots of mud, lots of water, and lots of climbing over obstacles. This is the second time that my dad and I have done the "Twin Cities Tough Mudder" 5k. I've gotta say that each time it has been a blast!

This year the mud was super thick and smelly. And I think the obstacles that they chose this year were much more difficult than what they had last year. Even this year's 5k course was a bit better as we ran through the woods, fields, and even through a lake's runoff!

Hopefully we will continue doing this each year as it definitely is a good time. Maybe next time more of our family and friends will join!

Sleepy Weekend ~ 早睡早起

On top of having a fun weekend, its also been a sleepy weekend. I've fallen asleep around 7-8pm both nights. Then waking up early around 1-3am. Even with this strange schedule, I'm still getting a lot of stuff done. The blog is still being written, Instagram posts made, photos edited, training completed and food eaten.

July has been a great month so far. Part of that is due to me shifting my focus completely away from work and more towards enjoying myself. Since I want to be this martial artist/adventurer guy I better start doing that now while I have the time. My first year of working in the factory wasn't a waste as it has let me build a solid amount of funds to do all this crazy stuff. As year two starts of working in Minnesota, I can tell I felt drained and demotivated.

I have to remind myself that the reason I'm saving money is so that I can do all of these crazy trips. I'm working for adventure, not working for money.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


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