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What It Takes...

Updated: May 26, 2023

"Through discipline, we prevail."

Prepare the Mind...

What it takes to be a fighter is dawning on me. Training twice a day, running, lifting weights and keeping track of what you're eating. It's insane. All of that, on top of what ever you do to make money. So, what I'm saying is that it is Friday, I'm tired, and didn't go to morning class.

A Fighter's Schedule

This Week's Schedule

Current Schedule

Above is what this week has been like. About 18 hours of Muay Thai, 4 hours of upper body work with the Gymnastics Rings, and two hours of stretching in Yoga.

This schedule isn't too bad compared to what other folks I've talked to are doing. I've ran into a few patterns since I've started training here.

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays, I wake up wiped out. This leads to me not going to Morning Muay Thai.

  • If I sleep in the afternoon, I can train Muay Thai twice. Everyday. But, then I don't get blog posts written, no videos edited.

  • I've been managing to sleep at a decent time most nights, but my sleep hasn't been good. Waking up in middle of night, waking up sore, or just sleeping like garbage. (I haven't used an alarm clock the whole time I've been here)

"Dream Schedule"/Fighter's Schedule

"Fighter" Schedule

Which brings me to the schedule that I'd like to be on. This isn't some random schedule I've made up, it is a schedule based off of what others are doing and some research into what actual fighters are training like.

  • Running is added in the morning as well as an additional meal.

  • Muay Thai six days a week, with studying tacked on in the afternoon.

  • Weight training replacing Gym Ring Training, this way I'm able to train my legs as well as upper body.

How Will I Get There?

Slowly. This week, I focused on adding a couple of Muay Thai classes while maintaining my Gym Ring and Yoga workouts. Next week, I will have to push myself to go twice a day; Monday through Saturday. The week after that, I can focus on adding running in the mornings. The final thing I'll work on adding is the weight lifting as that will be a big shock, to my already adapting system.

As I add more work, this means I'll also have to choose better choices for diet, rest, and recovery as well. My goal is to have this full "Fighter Schedule" by May. That way, I'll have two good months of "Fighter Training" before I go home.

Reflecting on my Wants

Phuket has been great. I haven't traveled much beyond "Fighter's Street" yet as I just want to train for the first month. This "Fighter Schedule" is a goal for me to strive for while I'm here. If I don't have a goal of some kind, then I'll probably just laze around eating food all day. Which sounds nice.

Work must be done. Training must be done. Through these means, I'll be able to improve myself. All the hard work will make the relaxing time even better!


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