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Thai Martial Arts and Pains

Pullin' out the Tiger Balm.

You know my injuries are getting bad when I:

  • Leave class early

  • Pull out the Tiger Balm

I left my Evening Muay Thai class early today due to my side being really sensitive while drilling some combos. It is now the second week of this mystery pain that I have. It's only when someone kicks, punches, or some sort of impact happens at my side when it hurts. It can be a light impact too, like in BJJ rolling around or getting in someone's guard.

But, I don't want to focus on the negative. I'd like to focus on the positive. I still went to class. I can still train in other ways, like the weight room. Still, I think next week will be a rest week for me. Explore Phuket some more, hopefully get my Chinese Tourist Visa, and take some light intensity classes. My foot should be better by next week, so I can get back to running!

Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong

Understanding the Art More

I'm glad I listened to Mike, and tried out the more traditional classes at Tiger Muay Thai. Krabi-Krabong has to be the one I enjoy more as using two "swords" is a coordination challenge. Muay Boran (literally "Ancient Boxing") is more about little tips and concepts that were taken out of Muay Thai to turn it from a war method to the sport that it is today. Since they are not taxing on the body like Muay Thai or BJJ, I'll keep the classes going. Maybe even buy a pair of sticks to take home.

Johnny practicing Krabi-Krabong

Reflecting on my Body and Thoughts

Live through our actions. Develop awareness, Purpose, and Focus.

On what has transpired, what we've learned today, and what is going on within ourselves.

Disappointment is what crawls at the back of my mind. I've fought four times now and have only one once. Half of those fights I was knocked out pretty quickly. Monday, I was offered again to fight at the BBQ beatdown. They said they didn't have enough people. Feeling my sore rib and hurt foot, I told them no thanks.

There is a piece missing that I just don't have yet. I believe I have potential to be a fighter, to at least enter the professional ring once. I just don't know what I need to do. Thought practice, just for exercise, still does bring me enjoyment. But as coaches and students talk, spar, and drill. The question in my mind becomes, "Can I really use all of this?". Right now, I'm not too confident in my skills. The thought of fighting again does make me nervous, but I want to give it another go.

Thinkin' next week I'll ease up on the volume of training. Just have a few sessions where I give it 100% focus, instead of the 50-60% tired focus I've been currently doing.

Also, someone at Tiger Muay Thai (sorry I forgot your name) said they liked my instagram and videos. Thanks to all of you for the comments and support. It really keeps me motivated to keep writing, filming, and editing.


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