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Studying Daoism... Again

"It is of great importance to achieve an inner peace which will allow you to act in harmony with the times... Hold your thoughts to the present... Actions that spring from this attitude will be appropriate."

(Thinking Body, Dancing Mind, p.61)

I Ching No. 52

Cold Showers.




My life.


I've been changing a lot about my schedule because of the new job and a "refocus" on my goals. This new job seems to suit me more than the previous job, more professional, safer, better pay, but it is still night shift.

One thing helping me make these positive changes is the book "Thinking body, Dancing Mind" written by Jerry Lynch. I'm simply reading a chapter after work then falling asleep as I ponder on what I just read. Through a week of reading I've learned how:

  • to visualize

  • to use affirmations effectively (something I'm a skeptic of)

  • to build beliefs

  • to think positively

  • to relax

  • to have a clear vision

  • how to focus better at what I do

A lot of this was taught to us by Master Ning at Maling Kung Fu School so it is a nice to have a reminder. Pairing these mental exercises with the physical exercise is what I've been missing in my balance lately.

Feeling better but change is taking a lot of effort.

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