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Stormy Update

It has been a while since I've written. So I'll give a small update; Just before I was supposed to go to the Las Vegas Kung Fu Tournament I fell ill. With my dad testing asymptomatic positive with Covid we were nervous I had the same but with symptoms. A week went by with two Covid tests. Both were negative, I just had a really bad cold or flu... still not sure what it was.

A week without work followed by a week still sick working was rough on my body. This "sick time" made me rethink my current training set up. I'm guessing the manual labor of my job plus the 3 hours of training I was doing a day was just killing my body. It was a schedule that had little sleep and even less relax/rest time. Now, I'm just going to American Top Team Savage 2-3 times a week (still for 3 hours at a time). The other days are spent sleeping, eating, and studying either personal training or Chinese. I've also began meditating just a tiny bit when I get home from work to help my mind.

These small changes have been going on for two weeks. These two weeks have been great, even though I'm working 7 days a week. Giving myself adequate time to rest and study while still getting the training I need lets me work more!

If I can work more, I can save more money.

If I can save more money, I can do more when my next journey begins.

But, for now I'm out of paid time off (PTO) and my job needs me.

During these weeks I was also able to reach a "milestone" in my budgeting. I was able to make my first investments. After that, I plan on opening a savings account with my second "chunk of change". And honestly, I couldn't have done it without my parents allowing me to just work, train, work, train.

Thankful everyday.

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