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Starting from "Ground Zero"

Trees and a beautiful sky
Minnesota Spring in Full Swing

Now that the hernia is almost healed, my regular routine is back in action. I'm working out, I'm working, and I'm happier. Even though I've started getting back into things, I feel like I'm starting from zero again. My strength still isn't back to 100% yet and while practicing forms there is a disconnect between my body and mind. Usually, my mind knows what to do but my body is slow or my body knows what to do but my mind is still thinking of the previous move.

This injury also made me reevaluate the kind of training that I'm doing. Now, I'm dedicating time to strengthening my knee and groin muscles. In the process of strengthening my groin muscles, I've realized I have little control of my hip and a weaker lower back. Basically, my whole lower half needs to be not only strengthened but also stretched so that my flexibility can improve.

Instead of making a normal strength plan, what I've done is made various workouts based on "skills" I want to achieve, like the planche, splits, pistol squat, dragon squat, pancake, V Sit and more. This has allowed me very different workouts each day while still working different muscle groups each time. Within these plans I have two things that I am working on consistantly: knee rehab and groin rehab. (Also flexibility but thats a given)

I start my new job tonight so it will be interesting to see how next week goes.

Hope you all are doing well.


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