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New Year


Silently spinning.

Always there.

The fan watches from above.

3:37 am

Late Night Thoughts

I spent this New Year in Minnesota with my mom, dad, and grandma. My dad and I played video games in the morning after I got home from work, then I went to sleep. Upon waking up, we all gathered to partake in the Hot Ones Challenge where you eat different chicken wings of varying degrees of spice. I made it all the way. It did make me throw up about an hour after the challenge as that 2,000,000 Scoville hot sauce really eats at your gut.

Once midnight arrived my dad shot off his firework board in the frigid air as my mom and grandma stood watching from the deck above. We watched the fireworks sparkle in the dark winter night then went inside for warmth. Grandma immediately went to bed. My mom followed after watching a TV show. My now tipsy dad and I played Undaunted with me as the victor. Which led to him going to sleep.

Now it is just me, alone in the night with a stomach still burning from the hot sauce and milk tea concoction. My training as a lead begins this evening which will be the first of many challenges in this new year. In reality, today is just like any other day but it is the actions that make today special. This insight was given to me by this video in combination with my work schedule.

Maybe thinking this way will help me make everyday meaningful.

I finished reading Work by Thich Nhat Hanh which has helped me become more mindful of my actions at work and coming home. Slowly, my goals like studying and mediation are becoming daily habits even if I just do them for 10-30 minutes. These habits will hopefully change me into the person that I want to become. A person who pushes themselves to their potential. A person of good health, wisdom, intelligence, and good heart.

Zodiac Fun

This New Year is the Year of the Tiger. I am an Earth Tiger so it is supposed to be a really good year for me. Last year was also supposed to be a really good year for me, which it was besides the health issues in May and November.

Even though my belief in the Zodiacs isn't the best, it is fun to look at every once in a while and see what is/isn't accurate about the predictions. To my surprise, the career and health predictions for 2021 were suspiciously accurate. I've always had an interest in these fortune type things though, especially Zoltar.

Believe it or not, its still innocent fun.

So ,what now?

Holidays are over, work begins. My training in BJJ starts again.

I'll continue to save money, study hard, train, and become a better person.

I hope you all do well in the New Year too.

The working wanderer,


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