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Mental Gymnastics

邯郸学步 "Learning the Handan Walk" It is foolhardy to try and mimic a way of doing things that is foreign to one's own circumstances.

-Chinese Proverb

Preparing for a New Career

If over thinking was the sport, I'd be in the Olympics of it.

As I've settled back into Minnesota, I immediately started my job search. While in Thailand, I made the mental decision to find a job that works well with my training. Being back in the states has made me realize how hard that is. I still want a job that makes good money; but also a job that gives me the time to train.

The first few days looking, I was determined to find a job that was in some sort of gym/health/fitness role. Eventually, I compromised after not hearing replies and started applying for security jobs in the area. Today, I compromised further by applying to a factory job. The one place I don't want to return to work.

Side Hustles

That's not to say I'm only relying on a job. I've also been looking at part time options or little "side hustle" options. I've already started donating plasma and even considered being a sperm donor or lab rat. But, I'm not that desperate yet. I still have a part time job editing/making Tiktok videos for a company... my gut tells me I won't have that job for long though. Hopefully I'll find something stable as the main goal is...


It has been hard finding a gym.

You'd think it would be easy. Just go back to Savage Top Team and start training again. Honestly, I don't want to go back there due. Too many days I'd leave class feeling like garbage. I'm not sure if it was due to me or the gym, but my low feeling has stuck with my memories at that gym.


Now, training is preparing me for a few things. The closest goal is visiting my buddy down in Missouri who just started BJJ. I need to be prepared for when we train together. The other thing I'm training for is preparing me to get "Thailand Ready". I've now experienced a little bit of what Thailand training is like but I know I haven't gotten the full taste yet. So I need to push myself now so that it will be easier later. The final thing I might be training for is Sanda Worlds.

It all depends on what job I get. That determines what kind of gym I can train at and for how long.

Watching my Reflection

As I wait for things to fall into place, I'm simply enjoying my hobbies. Editing videos, taking photos, hiking, and studying languages. My mind is already preparing my body for all the work it is about to do.

Once December comes, I'm going to put it all on the line for this adventure that has been brewing in my head way too long.

Hopefully, something will come out of all of this. Maybe some championships. Maybe new friends. Maybe nothing.


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