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Little Defeats

"Don't tell yourself you need to do something and don't do it. 'Wake up at this time', and I didn't wake up. 'Need to train', and I didn't train. 'Don't eat that', and I ate that. And these all just infiltrate my mental strength. Little defeats instead of wins . I'm just figuring myself out like I've never figured myself out before."

-Connor McGregor

⌨️ Typing Away...

...writing advice to myself hoping that it will help someone else as well. Sometimes I find advice from classics, ancient texts, fables, but today the advice came from a modern fighter. Say what you will, Connor McGregor is certainly a success in his own right. This quote about little defeats really hit me as I was scrolling on my phone late at night.


I know that I'm hard on myself but the feeling of all those "little defeats" really is true. Explaining that feeling is hard as for some it is regret but for me it is disappointment. I know the "little defeats" happen due to my own laziness, me being undisciplined, or my unfocused mind. Distractions or unneeded pleasures always drive me away from my goals.

So What?

What is good is that I know what the problem is. I just need to find out some methods or mental tricks that work for me. To stay focused. To stay motivated. No, to stay disciplined. It is ridiculous how I'm still figuring myself out. But, one thing I need to do is accept that there is a reason I'm still a white belt after two years. There is a reason why I don't have the splits yet. There is a reason I've lost all those amateur fights.

The Solution

The solution for me is hard work. You could say consistency. You can word it however you want. But accepting your faults, having a plan, and acting on that plan are the ways to change, improve, and become the person that you want to become.

I'm acting on my plan right now by writing this blog post late at night.

Reflecting on the Brighter Side

At least the weather is nice. I have been able to train these few weeks I've been in Minnesota. There is just a weird feeling of being back. There was so much momentum being in Thailand, I felt good and I felt like I was making progress.

Hopefully I can continue to make that progress.


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