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Family Weekend

Me, in front of a tank
My favorite gas station

"The Long Drive"

A long narrow line

Black surrounding the black

Insane drives him home


A long weekend was spent driving many hours, watching kids running around screaming, and talking with my sister. Crazy to think it was almost two years since I'd seen her. In that time she has done a lot. Gotten a better job. Had a kid, who now walks. Changed her muddy, no grass yard into a lush garden. Probably a lot more that I don't know about too.

It was strange heading back to the place that I called "home" before my big China trip. Most of it was the same Wisconsin town. The same store and gas stations. The same Walmart. All of it felt odd, like Covid didn't affect this place at all.

The drive was long for me as I realized I haven't driven that long in a while. I'm used to someone else driving or taking a plane/train to places now. At least then I can sleep and still get to where I need to go. I made it home, regardless of the struggle it was for me. The only good thing about the drive was I got to think. The whole trip was a reflection for me; Showing me that my sister is doing well and that I'm heading on a good path.

The idea that life goes on was also prevalent in my mind. As I go about my day, pushing onward towards this plan, so does every other person out there. The world does not stop just because I leave. People grow. Others age. They all have their own plethora of experiences in the time that I am gone. Things change.

So it was a good trip.

Happy labor day.

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