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Another Thought

Monk Statue and Zen Book


Rolling Dice.

Pencil Lead.

Printed Paper.

Laughter and Plastic Figures.

What I do for fun.

If I had a resolution for this year, I guess it would be this:

"Become a better student.

A student of martial arts.

A student of study.

A student of myself."

I say this because the past two months haven't been well on my body or mind. Yes, I have been able to work more towards my monetary goal and I have been reading more books. These are great things but, I still need to maintain my other interests. For martial arts, I'd like to focus only on BJJ this year. Once Summer rolls around I will begin Kung Fu again so that I can go to tournaments but even then, BJJ will be more important than Kung Fu. To be honest with myself, one of the reasons I neglect BJJ and sparring is because I'm not good at it. Hopefully, this year will change that.

So I've narrowed down my focus for martial arts, what about my study goals? Last time, I was talking about learning Thai, German and Chinese. I've decided that Mandarin (Chinese) will be number one. I'd like to study through HSK 3 and start HSK 4 before the year is up. This means working on my listening, speaking, and writing. It also means reviewing some things from HSK 1 and 2 as well. Thai is my #2 language to learn only because I've paid for two years of ThaiPod101. Then German, as I'd like to go to college in Germany.

Finally, myself. I did really good on the last three months of 2021 fixing bad thoughts and bad habits. It took a lot of effort though. No longer is my room the disorganized mess it once was. I make my bed each day before going to work and I make sure I have food while I'm at work to nourish myself. My sleep has gotten way better too, taking naps isn't the enemy. Exhaustion is. These conclusions have been brought about by my own reflection and in part by the books I've been reading.

Even as I write this, I know that maintaining this kind of constant development will be hard. There will be ups and downs but if I can keep focused on these separate goals, I believe I can accomplish a lot.

From the Hopeful Worker,


PS: My dad and I played Zweihander yesterday and the day before. It was a lot of fun!

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