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  • First Fight in Thailand

    "Say a little, do a lot, woo, no excuses... Had to make my own plans, I don't need your two-cents, ay Yeah, I don't wanna hear excuses I just like to make moves and make improvements" -NF, No Excuses New Week, New Goals Bruises. Swollen Foot. Sore Jaw. Positive Mood. Thanks to everyone that saw my fight on Saturday Night. I spent Sunday recovering. Sleeping in late, eating some good food, and writing down what I want to do. Last Week of March Same Goals, New Order... A month has passed and I feel that I haven't done enough in that time. Training has been going well. Living in Phuket has been great. I have to focus on my financial budget more, and check some goals off of my list in the new month. 📖 Start consistently studying Thai 📷 Keep Making Content 🧘 Keep Meditating/Stretching 🥊Keep Training 🏋️ Start Lifting weights 👟 Start Running again This time, the goals are put in an order of importance. Meditation/Stretching has gone above training as my last fight has me doubting if I could really coach martial arts. Also, I've realized how much I really enjoy the Yoga classes at Tiger Muay Thai. Sick Ride... One of the things I've been kicking myself about is not getting out there. Doing new things. Going to see places. Shoot, I still haven't used my place's pool yet! This led me to renting a scooter for a week (2000 THB deposit, 1000 THB for the week). I want to learn how to drive this thing since I have a long term plan of staying in Thailand. To many this is a small, easy step to do but for me its a big step. As I did with this month, I have some goals for this week and next month. It's just like the usual goals. I want to go see some places, do some things, and make content consistently. This word plagues me as it is the main thing that I need to work on. Doing positive stuff consistently. Reflecting on the Fight There was a lot of positive support for me in my fight. I thank everyone for showing up or watching online. As often as people will say,"You went in and gave it your all" or "You're a winner for stepping in the ring". It still feels bad to lose. Especially getting knocked down three times. It is so weird to watch my fight footage and compare it to how I drill/spar. It is like two different people. I'll keep trying, I'm not going to give up. It is just hard. The coaches were disappointed, I was disappointed, my aussie bud lost a few Thai Baht. I just want to win. To be good at something. 📿Johnny Want to support the journey? Check out the links below! Donate to Keep the Journey going... …or check out my Dad's book "21 Day Personal Journey" …or support my buddy's clothing brand "Canine Clothing - For Those on a Journey"

  • Lethargic Week

    "Our 生き甲斐 (ikigai) is different for all of us, but one thing we have in common is that we are all searching for meaning. When we spend our days feeling connected to what is meaningful to us, we live more fully; when we lose the connection, we feel despair." -Ikigai, Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles What Happened? During those 3-4 days, I felt really lazy which put me into a slump. Even though I've talked to many other people who've had food poisoning at Tiger Muay Thai; they all said they were out for about a week. Those days were not a complete waste. I did study a bit more Thai, edited next Monday's video, started freelancing online as a video editor, and watched too much Youtube. Now, I'm back to training. Finding my Ikigai ~ 生き甲斐 I remember playing video games in Shanghai, China with friends from Missouri. Just like I had done every day since I had arrived in that foreign country. My friends all logged off, heading to bed while for me it was only noon. Which left me there with my thoughts. Staring at my character on the screen I thought, "I could learn how to do this stuff". It was such a simple thought, but I ended up finding the Kung Fu and MMA gym to train at. Ever since then, I've been chasing this... "dream life" that has formed in my mind. They say your ikigai is simply the reason that you get up in the morning. The passion that makes you happy. The thing that gives you meaning in life. When I think back to that day where "something changed", I believe that was when I discovered my passion. Maling was a wonderful experience for me. For two years, this plan to train, travel, and learn was what motivated me to get up in the morning. Now that I'm here, the one thought that has replayed in my head is, "I'm content with what I'm doing". Continuing On... The first month of my Thailand journey is almost over. I haven't explored as much as I wanted to, haven't found a Thai language school, and haven't trained as much as I wanted. To be honest, part of me thought that getting to Thailand would just be the end. Roll credits. Create a new character. Guess I better start doing stuff. 📿Johnny Want to support the journey? Check out the links below! Donate to Keep the Journey going... …or check out my Dad's book "21 Day Personal Journey" …or support my buddy's clothing brand "Canine Clothing - For Those on a Journey"

  • Not How I Planned

    "I understand there's a guy inside me who wants to lay in bed, smoke weed all day and watch cartoons and old movies. My whole life is a series of stratagems to avoid, and outwit that guy" -Anthony Bourdain Getting Out of my Slumber Saturday night, I had food poisoning. Eight hours of vomiting following by a day of sleep. Monday was spent hydrating, eating bread, fruit, and some instant noodles. The pharmacy had given me some hydration packs as well as medicine which helped some. Tuesday, I felt like I was just being lazy. I went out and ate some lunch but followed a similar pattern as the past two days. Watching Youtube videos, drinking water, and sleeping a ton. Not a very motivating few days. Prepping for the Fight A Fight? All of this happened before my amateur fight on Saturday. I've lost a bit of weight. My energy is coming back but the hardest thing to get back is the little bit of discipline that I was building up. Sluggishness and lethargy have been my two big moods for the past few days. With all of this, I won't give up and I won't pull out of the fight. The Prep I simply plan on taking a single Muay Thai class each day. Running each day. Doing some light Gym Ring work again. The most important thing will be eating some safe and healthy food to get my energy levels back up. Reflecting on Three Days Even with three days passing, I still managed to edit a video, write this post, and make an Instagram post. It has been interesting being left alone with my thoughts for this amount of time. Makes me want to return back to my meditation practice that I learned in China. Man, so much I want to do. So little discipline. 📿Johnny Want to support the journey? Check out the links below! Donate to Keep the Journey going... …or check out my Dad's book "21 Day Personal Journey" …or support my buddy's clothing brand "Canine Clothing - For Those on a Journey"

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  • Travel | Johnny's Adventure

    Johnny's Adventure Improving my Mind, Body, and Spirit through Martial Arts. The Journey >

  • About | Johnny's Adventure

    About Me Wandering Through Life Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to live in so many different places throughout the United States. During my childhood, my dad introduced me to martial arts. In High School I joined a martial arts gym practicing Karate and Judo. Once I graduated, life granted me the opportunity to go to China for two years. In those two years I trained Muay Thai, Kung Fu, and learned Mandarin. That time in China sparked a passion for what I want to do with my life... which I continue to pursue to this day. The Goal The Purpose for this Journey The purpose for this website is to document various parts of my life. I am an average American. I work, I save money, and I have a dream of becoming a Shaolin Warrior Monk. As I work towards this dream, I'd like to help others realize that we all have the same potential to do great things. ​ Thank you for checking out my adventure. ​ 📿Johnny Keep the Journey Going How to Help... If you like the content that I create, then there are a few ways to help me keep it going. Of course, this journey isn't just about me . It is also about the cool and creative people that I meet along the way. Its about all th ose who helped me get to where I am by teaching, guiding, or simply being kind to me. ​ Donate to Keep the Journey going... This goes straight to me and the money is used to fund future adventures, buy better gear, or to pay fees to keep my website going. ​ …or check out my Dad's book "21 Day Personal Journey" This goes to my family, who without my parents or sister, I would never have been able to go on my journeys. They helped me by providing a place to stay, food to eat, and transportation to and from my jobs. I will forever be grateful to all of them. ​ …or support my buddy's clothing brand "Canine Clothing - For Those on a Journey" This goes to a buddy that I met while visiting Shaolin Temple Europe. He was nice, energetic, and had the same thrill of travel that I had when I first went to China. I don't get any compensation or sponsorship from him. I simply want to help him so that he too can go on great adventures. ​ …or check out a fellow Kung Fu Hustler's Photography. This goes to my "功夫兄弟" that I met in China. He introduced me to photography and was an interesting character to be around during my time at Maling Mountain. The website displays his photography from his personal adventures around the world. I'm sure he'd appreciate the couple extra views on his work. Keep on Hustlin' JD.

  • Portfolio1

    Travels In my travels, there are many photos that I like but don't use. There are some photos that aren't taken well but are apart of a good story. They all go here, to give an insight to other parts of my journey.

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