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June 29th - Travelling in Xuzhou

"Waiting for me with McDonalds..."
My short journey began on the 25th of June, which was the start of the Dragon Boat Festival in China. A holiday of eating Zong Zi and racing boats all while remembering a tale of a noble who died... or if you're like me you take the opportunity to travel. Though I may not have gotten far from the Martial Art School, its far enough for me to forget about my constant training, sweat, and soreness for a little bit.

As I laid back on the thin, creaky, train bed I thought about how odd this trip really is. I'm going on a vacation from my vacation. I'm going from learning Kung Fu all day to relaxing all day. Taking a moment to appreciate, and cherish, the opportunities life has given me really "connects" it all for me.
The long hours at a potato factory, dealing with the cold and clogged machines. The hammer mill that would start to smoke because of some "genius" idea to run craisins and practically sawdust together.…

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