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September 22nd - Jumping and Rolling

I still can't do an aerial but I am getting closer.That's what today's morning classes were all about Jumping and Rolling under the guidance of Coach Qi. What I learned is that my jumping basics suck and I have very little control of myself while I'm in the air. Every move from my single knee jump, tornado kick, and even my butterfly kick all needed the same problem fixed! Jumping up and not forwards.What I liked about Coach Qi's approach to teaching was he told me, it is going to take time to change these problems. I just needed more and more practice.Other than that, Master Bao and Master Peng are still working on some videos for the school so I didn't really see them at all today. I did Forms and Power Training (legs) in the afternoon. Once the evening arrived I spent my time watching The New Shaolin (2011) which was fun.Yesterday, I had a good talk with Master Bao on a variety of things but today what stuck out to me was him saying how much Shaolin has chan…

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