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August 6th - Blood Shot Eyes

Unfocused Week Unfocused. That is how I would describe this week. I've been taking a break from training which has left my mind to do something I haven't done in quite some time; think. Not working out as much has left all of this energy in me which has sent my mind into overload. Instead of being productive with my new amount of free time I've squandered it worrying about small issues.

Money. Going Home. Training. Testing. Future Plans. Injury.

I can tell that I haven't made the most of the past few days. The only things that I have done well are waking up earlier than usual and studying a little bit of Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity here and there. I've even gotten some rope dart training in!
So what have I been doing instead of class?
Master's Wisdom Most of the time I watch class to see what I am missing and to study how to teach people. If I want to be a martial arts teacher in the future then I ought to see how it is taught. Master Peng and I have had som…

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