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No doubt you’ve seen the cool pictures and videos of the Shaolin Monks (and other athletes) doing amazing feats of flexibility like the splits. Maybe, at one time, you thought to yourself that you wanted to do that. So, you went online and looked at videos or found websites offering “Get your splits in 30 days” or other offers; only to try them and end up frustrated at your progress/results.

With my program I’m not making any crazy promises. Why? Because it has taken me years to get into my splits. Throughout trial and error (and many injuries) I have found the best method that worked for me. Today, I offer the method that got me into my splits to you. This is an “100 Day Stretching Program” meant to help you make progress towards your splits. Read that again. Help you make progress in your splits.


Go from this...

With the "100 Day Stretching Program" I will help you go from being confused and frustrated about your flexibility, to being patient and happy at the progress made each day! Learn how to properly do the front and side splits.

Me, Early 2020, struggling with my splits

To this!

Learn the proper technique, breathing, and relaxation techniques from my four years of trying and failing at the splits. The "100 Day Stretching Program" compiles all of the most effective techniques that helped me make huge progress in my own flexibility journey.


Me and Philip, 2020, getting real close to the side split.


Me, 2019, confused and struggling with the splits.

About Me

I'm a person who was interested in getting good flexibility but never had anyone to properly guide me to the goals that I wanted. It wasn't until 2018, when I met Jowad Mahmoudi, that I realized what the splits can do for you. After that, I became determined to get my legs and body touching the floor. In 2020, I met another person who taught me much about flexibility, Master Peng (彭二郎). His last few tips and methods broke through my flexibility plateau. Now I bring this wisdom to you.

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I've probably said enough but some final words...

The road to your flexibility goal will be hard and uncomfortable. Especially training alone. It will take dedication and self discipline to keep at it every single day.

Do you understand?

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Me and Master Peng, Mid 2020, training my front split