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Working in an Office

"You can dream a little dream or you can live a little dream

I'd rather live it 'cause dreamers always chase but never get it"

-Aesop Rock, "no rEgrets"

When I told Stuart Cooper, former Tiger Muay Thai BJJ Coach, how much money I had saved up to live in Thailand; he replied, "Holy Shit, you don't need that much money to live in Thailand. You can live in Thailand cheap". His advice continues to run through my mind, as he is the second coach to say don't go to Tiger Muay Thai. Instead, he recommended Bangtao Muay Thai. Another thing he mentioned was that if I'm planning on long term stay in Thailand then any accommodations in Thailand will be cheaper than any "package" that the gyms will give you.

As I sat on my desk today at work. I looked around at the office. I asked my boss if there was anything I could do as all my tasks were done. She said, "No" and it was okay if I just took a couple more walks on the floor. That is how most of my days are. Needless to say, I feel like I'm wasting time now.

That's my Ted Talk for today.

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