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Working For the Weekend

"In every action in life one should know what one is doing."

-The Way to Buddhahood, pg. 156

This book really challenges what I am accustomed to thinking because it is very, very, different from the way I live my life. Each little chapter or passage delves deeper into ideas previously introduced. More explanations on the precepts, meditation, and rules for various levels of... not monks... more like "people on the path". Monks is obviously one level.

Which is where I struggle with the whole "middle path" idea behind this type of Buddhism. From what I understand from this book, is that to be on the middle path you have to make some extreme changes.

Today's reading focused on Meditation and deepening your study of it. The basic way to do that, according to the book, is to follow the precepts. Apparently, by following the precepts you are given a better mind, healthier body, clearer conscious, and more focus. This focus then can be used in meditation. Without this healthy body and clear mind, meditation will be quite difficult.

Which brings me to a problem that I've mentioned before. Ever since I got back from Maling, I have had a struggle meditating. That's not to say in Maling, I didn't have struggles. I did. But, upon returning to the "real world" the struggles have amplified by quite a lot.

Maybe there is something to it.

But I'm still not sure about all of the other extreme rules in there.


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