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Work Hard to Gain Your Own Salvation

Minnesota Sunrise


Energy floods together.

Time goes quick."

It was through my study of the Thai language that I discovered this quote. You see, I wrote down some goals for why I'm studying Thai.

  • Talk about food, prices, travel

  • Understand Muay Thai Coaches

  • Talk to Monks

  • Ask simple questions like, "Can I take a picture?"

These simple goals will allow me to focus on vocabulary that is related to what I want to learn instead of learning things that I might not use. Any kind of grammar or sentence structure lessons I will take, these goals are just helping me focus on specific vocabulary.

I then stumbled upon this post which ends with a quote from Buddha. The part that I like is, "Work hard to gain your salvation". These were his supposed last words to his followers, and man those are some cool last words. At times that is what I feel like I'm doing. All of this studying, all of these hours in a factory, all of this training. Its just for my own personal "salvation".

Each religion really has its own ideas, phrases, and stories that can help anyone.

With Thanksgiving being today, I have to be thankful for all that I've learned, experienced, and for all of those who have been with me along the way. It's honestly amazing at what you can accomplish with a little help. Whether its your family letting you live with them or friends teaching you new skills. Take the time to reflect and be grateful for all the little things that push you towards your goal.

I'll continue studying, training, working.

But have a good holiday everyone.

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