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Welcome to Chiangmai

"The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them."

-Miyamoto Musashi

What are you doing here?

Finally settled into my new home for the next 25 days. Already working on improving my video thumbnails. Videos for Shanghai and Chiang Mai are in the works. Chiangmai has already shown itself to be a relaxing and beautiful city. The people are nice, talkative, and helpful. Food definitely has been cheaper here as well. Milk Teas, meals, and more have all been around $1.00 USD. Only when you step into the cafes or restaurants do the prices get higher.

As I'm getting settled in, my mind has been on a question that I've been asked. "What am I doing here?". The airport folks, taxi driver, and owner of this hotel have all asked me what I'm doing in Thailand for so long. My response to them has simply been, just traveling, but in my heart I know there is another reason.

🔭 On the Search

If you've been following my journey or this blog, you will know that my plan is to maybe live in Thailand for 1-2 years. The goal is to train Muay Thai and compete. As I've made my way from Phuket, to Shanghai, and now Chiang Mai; I've realized that there are a few pieces that need to fall into place if I'm going to live in Thailand for 1-2 years.

💸Finding a source of Income

🏠Finding suitable accommodation

😎Finding a place that I enjoy

A source of income has been the hardest challenge. I've applied to one remote job and have now started the search for others. Accommodation will be easy, especially if I decide Chiang Mai. There are places for $80-$100 dollars a month here. Yes, they are bare bones basic. For me, all I need is good internet and a place to sleep.

📷 Content Creation

I keep creating content as it has been a hobby that I enjoy. Plus, there is the hope that it will one day be a source of money for me. I've read many articles talking about how it takes 3-4 years of solo work on Youtube in order to get some good revenue... so I will be patient.

What am I doing here?

There are a lot of doubts with the path that I'm taking. The content views are low, my progress in martial arts is slow, and at times I feel like I'm working towards a goal that isn't there. There is enjoyment out of what I'm doing. Each picture I edit, blog post written, video made, and day spent exploring or training is me living my life the way I want to. It's very fulfilling personally. There is always that worry of; how long will this last?

I'll keep on enjoying this kind of life until it ends.


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