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Welcome Back to the Real World

Pieces of Motivation ~ 动力

As I worked a long 12 hour shift, pieces of various talks from the summer camp floated in my mind. One of the topics, which me and a british guy joked about often, was Shi Yan Lei's "baby mind" idea. Basically, when you're learning something just listen, do, and continue practicing whatever it is you're learning for a while. Once you have a grasp of it, then you can start asking why. Shi Yan Lei said that as adults we are told something and without a beat begin asking "Why?". This question of "why" towards something we can't even do yet, hinders our progress in learning. For the Summer Camp it was usually a move or a stance. The meaning or answers to any questions are revealed through learning. He talked about this idea so many times as people still made the same mistake.

This "baby mind" or open mindedness goes hand in hand with what Shi Yan Lei thought health was. For him, some one who is healthy was strong, slim, flexible, and had a good mind. His goal for training wasn't to be the best. It was to try and keep his muscle for as long as he could so that when he's older he will still be healthy. Sitting in a bed or chair unable to move is not a life worth living.

"Even though changing one's occupation may lead to temporary suffering, one should discontinue a livelihood that is harmful to oneself and others."

-The Way to Buddhahood, p. 51

Courage ~ 勇气

Shi Yan Lei also talked about courage and change a lot. Specifically, on one day he made a great motivational speech at the end of training about courage. In it he talked about how we are brave for coming to the camp trying to change ourselves. He discussed people who say they want this or that but never take steps to go get it. What resonated with me the most was him talking about students of his complaining about their jobs or life. When he asked them how long they worked their job or lived in their town, they'd replay 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, etc. "They have no courage, they are afraid to change", said Shi Yan Lei.

If work would've called me at that moment, I would've quit my job.

It is never that simple, some have kids, family, or responsibilities that keep them in their place. Quitting and leaving is simple, but as Shi Heng Yi said, every decision has consequences. If you can handle the consequences then, you'll do it.

For me, I'm still getting pulled in two directions. One is telling me to go on my adventures, don't waste any more time. The other is telling me that I've made some promises I have to keep.

Time for me to relax this weekend.


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