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Walking Through the Meadow

Photo taken by my Mom with her Phone, edited by Me

A Long Walk

Yesterday, my mom, niece, and I went on a walk at Three Rivers Carver Park Reserve. At first we weren't sure if there were any good trails but eventually we found the main trail which lead through a great meadow of yellow and purple flowers connected by tall green grasses.

It was a pretty peaceful day and I got to try out my camera in new situations. I'm surprised that recently I've been mostly using the 45-150mm lens by Panasonic. It is a cheaper lens that isn't as sharp as my other lenses, but whenever I hike it is the lens that I use.

Hopefully I can keep improving my photography and eventually my video taking skills.

45-150mm, 57mm f/4.5 ISO 400 1/2500

Tournament Anticipation

Today when I woke up, I was nervous about the upcoming tournament. For the performances, I'm not as nervous because its just a performance. Forms that I've practiced many times over. Fighting, is something I've never done. Sparring, I've done but I haven't performed well this year.

That is one reason that I'm doing this fight. To test myself. See if I have "real kung fu". The more that I think about it, I also think that I'm doing this fight to see if it is something that I want/ am able to.

Hopefully it'll all go well.


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