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Wai Kru into the Weekend

Trying a new photo editing style.

"Sunflower! if you grow in the dark


xiàngyáng huā! Rúguǒ nǐ shēngzhǎng zài hēi'àn xià

Sunflower, will you continue to bloom

向阳花 你会不会再继续开花

xiàngyáng huā nǐ huì bù huì zài jìxù kāihuā

will you be afraid? will you be afraid?

会不会害怕 会不会害怕

huì bù huì hàipà huì bù huì hàipà"

Preparing to Relax

Another week flew by. This weekend I actually have a plan that isn't editing videos. I'm taking my girlfriend to a hotel on one of the many beaches in Thailand. For the next few days, I will be doing all of the usual touristy things like going to night markets, buying souvenirs for home, laying on the beach, and seeing cool sights.

April Begins...

New Month, New Goals

As stated in my previous post, I'm still going to be focusing on these goals throughout April:

📖 Start consistently studying Thai

📷 Keep Making Content

🧘 Keep Meditating/Stretching

🥊Keep Training

🏋️ Start Lifting weights

👟 Start Running again

Looking back at the goals I made at the beginning of the month, I think I did pretty well. It just didn't feel like I was being consistent as the month went on.

How my Week went...

The week started off normal but hit a bump in the road on Tuesday as my Girlfriend's flight was cancelled. Originally she was supposed to come on Wednesday, instead she had to change and get a flight for Tuesday as it was the only one actually leaving China. After that, Training has been going just like normal. Still need to add weight lifting and running into my schedule...that is something to worry about for next week.

Expectations for Next Week

We will be in a hotel on the beach for 4 days, which means I won't be focusing on training. This is something that I have to remember and acknowledge now. In order to not beat myself up about not training. If I want to train, I can run, do some pushups, or (if I really need to go to class) find a gym on the beach.

Hope you all are doing well.


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