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Taking a Little Extra Time

Brain Fog ~ 头脑迟钝

Last night work went by smoothly. No problems, no anger, just an easy day. As I now think back, I really wasn't very aware or conscious of what I was doing. It was like my mind shut off and I ran on impulse this day. By the end of it I was still just as exhausted as I was before but I feel like I did nothing productive. I hate this robotic feeling. My mind doesn't even day dream anymore. The excitement about my "plan" isn't there.

While driving home, my brain slowly starts to turn on. The most recent idea that has crept into my head is living, studying, and possibly working in Thailand longer than I originally planned. The more I read about visas, prices, and remote jobs in Thailand; the more of a possibility it seems. I could train and study a new language while I wait for China to open back up.

Train and learn the language for the first year. If China still isn't opened up then maybe train and work for the second year while studying only part time?

I don't know. Just thoughts.


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