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Sounds Familiar?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

“If we want to obtain enlightenment... it is necessary to actualize wisdom and compassion. This is done by the practice of what are called the six paramitas, or 'transcendental actions.'" (Traleg Rinpoche ,Essence of Buddhism).

These six actions are:

  • generosity/charity

  • discipline/morality

  • patience

  • diligence/devotion

  • meditation/concentration

  • wisdom

These are the actions a person must take but they must also follow the "five rules" as well:

The first training is to protect life, to decrease violence in oneself, in the family and in society. The second training is to practice social justice, generosity, not stealing and not exploiting other living beings. The third is the practice of responsible sexual behavior in order to protect individuals, couples, families and children. The fourth is the practice of deep listening and loving speech to restore communication and reconcile. The fifth is about mindful consumption, to help us not bring toxins and poisons into our body or mind. -Plum Village 

All of this sounds familiar to many other religions. But, what it sounds familiar to as well is the "Jedi" from Star Wars. Which is what I spent a lot of time watching this week. Looking at the movies and TV shows, then looking at myself. I see why I am on this whole "Martial arts/spiritual" journey of mine. My eyes have seen every detail of these movies many times over, no wonder it has had an effect on me. The Jedi's struggles of attachment and emotion can reflect our own struggles as well. To me, it is a very relatable idea and something to strive for. Enlightenment, that detachment from struggles.

No wonder I want to be a monk.

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