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Sleepy Wednesday

Self Discipline ~ 自律

Yesterday, I forced myself to go to MMA class at American Top Team Savage. For the first hour I just worked on my own technique, trying to remember some of the Sanda moves that Shi Yan Lei had taught. The second hour was striking sparring with the usual crew. During one round, I got kicked in the jaw which sent me to the floor. It was just a well timed shot and the guy said sorry. During another round I got clipped in the same spot and it sent me down again. Pretty soon after that I left.

I've been back at class for two days now and I haven't enjoyed either day. The thing that I've been wrestling with the whole time I've gone to this place is: is it the place or just me? Now that I've been to the summer camp and have come back I think it is the gym. It is not enjoyable for me as I immediately felt this way coming back.

The thing that is me is just having a glass jaw. That's just unlucky.

Focus ~ 专注于训练

As I read through the posts that I've written from my time back, I can see that I'm slowly getting away from the positive changes that I've made. These "anchors" of writing a post, editing a photo, and making something on Instagram have been great ways to remind myself of what is important to me. Practicing Kung Fu. Photography. Study. These are all important. Not YouTube, laying in bed, or work.

I have to be more conscious of my actions throughout the day so that I can keep making progress.

Besides that MMA class, June and July have been pretty good months.


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