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Silent Night, List of Thoughts

Clouds, Trees, and Stars
Northern Lights, October

As night has become my day, I've noticed that I feel different. If I'm at work or if I'm awake in the day I feel motivated, happy, and detached from my thoughts. When night sets in and all go to bed, my thoughts become "heavy" or negative. I'm getting better at "fighting" these thoughts but some days they just win.

At least Christmas has kept me busy through the nights. Finding gifts for others, getting rid of old clothes, cleaning my room, and preparing for my promotion.

Future Travel Gear

Throughout this week I've been looking at travel gear for my future adventures. Since I plan on traveling, making videos, writing blog posts, and training I've realized I need a lot... and not a lot. If that makes sense. To keep travel easy, I want to take two bags: my Fuji Hybrid Fighter Bag (which they don't make anymore) and my future travel bag... the Prvke 41L.

I plan on keeping my Fighter Bag empty until I reach Thailand. Tiger Muay Thai offers a gear package so I'll just get that to fill the Fighter Bag. The fighter bag will also carry my future monk robes!

As for the Prvke bag, I also plan on buying the smallest camera cube they have. For everyday carry I'm thinking of getting the D1 Fanny Pack. This idea actually comes from the Pakt Travel Bag, which includes a nifty little waist belt/fanny pack thing. I think this small fanny pack will come in handy for carrying my money, passport, and phone while being able to hide it in a jacket or something.

Other items on the list are:

  • Some Kind of Haircut Kit to keep my head bald, Manscaped?

  • Some Wireless Earphones, I'm thinking the Fitness Raycons

  • Hiking Pants that zip into shorts

  • Journal

  • Maybe a new laptop (If the budget allows for it)


I still have a year of hard work and saving money. It is good to have a few options for my travel plan, in case restrictions or certain situations make it so that I can't go to China. In any situation, I'd like to go to Thailand first. If I can't go to China then I'll try to stay in Thailand for a year. Studying the language and martial arts. Then, I'd head to Europe's Shaolin Temple for another year. Studying German and Chinese Martial Arts.

Hopefully, I'll just be able to go to China to study.

Language, Martial Arts, Culture, and Religion. Those are the things I like studying.

Hope you had a good weekend.

~The always planning traveler.

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