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Shaolin Summer Camp - Week 2

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The Shaolin Summer Camp is over. I'm sitting in the airport at 2 in the morning due to not being able to find a hotel in Frankfurt, typing away. So much was taught by the two masters but what I think sticks with me the most is my feeling towards training. I love that kind of training. Forms, stretching, qi gong, and sparring techniques. It feels so complete. Already the stresses of the real world are hitting me but reflecting on what i've learned during these past two weeks keeps me happy.

On our last workout we didn't run, just some pushups, squats, and stretches before practicing Shi Yan Lei's Ba Duan Jin. He explained to us the reasoning behind his workout plan for the two weeks. How he planned on building the intensity over time and how the last two days were "easy" to allow us to recover.

I will miss the motivational talks from the masters.

Throughout the two weeks, Shi Yan Lei talked about focus. Not just in training but also for work, family time, and personal time. Putting 100% in the moment. I think I do that for training at work. The one that I'm missing is putting 100% into personal time. Taking time to relax and enjoy myself. Now, as I sit in the airport, I'm not sure how to be 100% in the moment. I know I'm tired, oily, feet hurt, eyes burn, and breathing is rough.

Shi Heng Yi talked about thinking of the choices you make in terms of consequences. On how every choice we make has consequences. I laugh because the beginning and end of my trip have been train wrecks. Just a result of choices I've made before. The most important thing that I can do is learn from these experiences. Learning I am.

Both masters talked about putting action behind your words and goals. Shi Yan Lei stated it simply as if you say you'll do something, then do it. Shi Heng Yi was talking about training goals when he said that we should dedicate time for our (training) goals. 30 days if you just want to get a little better at it. 60 if you really want to learn it. 90 days if you want to have it stick with you. Or 365 days if you want to delve deeper into what ever you are learning. They both stressed the point of action, at least trying. Shi Yan Lei said that it doesn't matter if you suceed or fail at your goal. You might fail at the end of 90 days. Again, all that matters is that you tried and learned.

He jokingly told us a story of how he tried to get into movie making. Directors and casters didn't want him so he tried hiring a team on his own. There were many difficulties but in the end he made his movie. It wasn't successful but do you know what he learned? He learned not to make movies as it uses a lot of money!

I learned so much during the camp. I wonder how much will stay with me?


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