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Restful Weekend, Roaming Thoughts

I didn't work this weekend.

Instead, I learned the purpose of the various beaded necklaces and bracelets that Buddhists wear. I learned from JD (of minimal ambitions) on how to take and edit better photos. I ate some food, rested, and looked back at the results of my fitbit/food tracking to see "how I did". I looked into studying German at a school here in Minnesota, and I thought of finding a personal trainer to help me get stronger.

Really, today was just a lazy day. Watching videos on various topics while eating food, blowing my nose, consuming large amounts of water. Those videos I watched were mostly about photography, lenses, and Buddhism. If the Buddhism videos taught me anything it was that I'm not being very "mindful". I'm not focusing on the present moment, I'm always thinking of my plan which is so far away. Maybe that is what this month long sickness is trying to tell me?

If I just focused on being happy now, maybe I wouldn't suffer so much.

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