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Remembering Value

"It's Unseen

And Often Forgotten.

Reflection Reveals"

It's nothing groundbreaking or new. Realizing that I don't have to keep working at a job I don't like brings me temporary happiness. I'm unsure if or when I'll make the change to a new job. In my studies I've learned the human body responds to eustress and distress. Both of these kinds of stresses have their limits and these limits are determined by the individual's mind, body, and spirit. Too much eustress and the body loses the positive benefits of it or leads to addictions. Too much distress and the body or mind begins to suffer negative affects. Without balancing both, the body and mind cannot fully develop.

I believe that I've reached my limits of distress. October really pushed me (as this whole year has) but I still haven't recovered fully. What should normally be a cold has plagued me off and on for almost two weeks. Massive amounts of work on top of little sleep just create a bad balance that I'm just now seeing the affects of.

Reading, playing, meditating, and playing have helped "open" my mind to how I've been depriving myself of simple pleasures.

I still have a long way to go in my journey. Money isn't the only thing I want in life. I want to travel, yes, but improving myself in other ways besides factory work is important for me too. Becoming smarter through understanding the body and new languages. Becoming healthier through better nutrition and exercise. Becoming happier by better understanding of the mind. This is all important to me.

Time to rest and find something new.

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