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Preparing for Tournaments


New Gym.

Swap Meet.

Rough Sleep.

Lots of Money Spent.


I have only gone to one competition when I did Judo in high school. I waited so long just to lose in 12 seconds. In China I did three performances but those were not competitions, just a chance to let other's see how our school was doing.

Now, I've signed up for two tournaments to test what I've learned in China. I'll be performing Da Hong Quan Er Lu, Shaolin Competition Spear, and Da Mo Jian. I have 7 weeks to prepare for the first tournament and then I have two weeks after that to practice for the next one.

I'm booking flights, buying gear, and thinking about how to prepare for a tournament.

On top of all of that, I have found a new gym to start training BJJ and Muay Thai at. They have morning classes, kettlebell training, and it suits my third shift schedule. It is just more money that I have to spend so my wallet is hurting. I still need to save for China but I also need to enjoy my time at home. If I can improve myself a lot while in the states, then maybe I won't have to go to China too long.

I'm finally competing, let's see how we do!

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