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Overcoming Injury

If you've seen my video called "One Person's Journey", you might've noticed that at the end of the video I was limping out of Maling Academy. During that time, I knew my leg had something wrong with it but I thought I just needed some well deserved rest. While I was in Shanghai living with my girlfriend, I did exactly that. Rested for a month. Of course, I grew restless and decided to test my leg out by joining a gym. It surprised me that I was able to lift weights, little did I know that my leg wasn't 100% healed.

Next thing you know, I'm in America again settling down, finding a job, and working out at home. The time at the academy slowly faded into the past until I joined a local MMA gym. After my first class my leg immediately began to hurt just like it did at the academy. I knew something was wrong so I went to see a doctor. After examination, they determined it was an inguinal hernia. I needed surgery. This led me to stop working my job and I had to stop training.

My mood turned a little sour as this simple injury stopped so much. My progress of the splits. I had just found a good MMA gym to join. My at home workout routines; and, my Kung Fu practice. It wasn't the first time I had a bad injury either.

In High School I messed up my knee in Cross Country. Young me didn't rest like I should've and I ended up hurting the same knee two more times, once more in Cross Country and again in Judo. Now, this "bad knee" haunts me to this day. Getting the hernia (on the same side as the bad knee) made me fear of having another crippling injury.

Gritting my teeth, I found other things to do with my time... like write this blog post. You see, I've already had the surgery and I'm on week 2 of recovery. All this time without work and without my training has given me time to do one thing: think.

Reflecting on my actions, plans, and goals has been a tiring exercise but a worthwhile one. It made me realize how disconnected my mind and body have been as of late, driven by impulse and wants. Too focused on the end goal, without enjoying the now. Those are the mini revelations that I've had while bed ridden or limping around.

Why does all of this matter to you?

Two lessons should stick out to you.

  1. Be careful when training; if injured, take as much time as you need to heal.

  2. Make some time to think not only about your goals and where you are going, but about yourself and if your actions are matching your thoughts.

We have to cool the fire within us as humans naturally want what we don't have or can't do. Once I was able to accept the fact that I couldn't and shouldn't train, I was able to use my time more constructively by studying, reading, praying, working on my hobby, and playing (which I hadn't done in a while).

Thinking might seem like an easy task but thinking in a way that benefits you is hard. My mind had gotten so focused on returning to China for training that I neglected other things that were important. I had to realize that it will take a long time and not rush my thoughts. By slowing down my mind, I was able to see gaps in my plan. Things I hadn't considered about because I was so focused on the, "go go go". Now, I have a better, more realistic plan of heading back to China (and other places) for training.

Maybe you too are caught up with something that has taken all of your attention. Work? Hobby? Friends? If not, taking time to just think will allow you to get away from "the world" to calm yourself a bit.


Shāng jīn dòng gǔ, xiūxí yībǎi tiān

"If injured, rest one hundred days"

I hope this helps you on your own journey to becoming healthier, stronger, and more confident.


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