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One Year of Physical Progress

A crazy year has gone by but the New Year reminded me of a post I made on my old blog. I wanted to see how the Kung Fu School changed me. Looking back has been fun as not much really changed.

The Beginning

When I went to the school I was 72kg (158 pounds). I lived a moderately active life so I thought I had muscle and strength just like any young guy does. At my sister's place (which was my home at that time, thanks sis!) I did workouts, stretching, yoga and worked at a factory. My knowledge on health, nutrition, science, and the actual mechanics of exercise was little. The important thing was I kept moving which built a good habit for when I arrived at the Kung Fu School.

Kung Fu Challenge

Life at the Kung Fu School was tough and it made me realize how out of shape I was. Sure, I could do push ups and sit ups but the routine that we did at the school challenged my body in new ways every single week. I lost a lot of weight, which I originally mistook for muscle. The lowest point that I reached was 65kg (143 pounds), that wasn't healthy but it showed I was pushing my body to the extreme.

It was during this time that I was introduced to the idea of proper nutrition and focus on technique/body mechanics of exercise by two guys at the school. JD and Josh. It was our many workout sessions and various injuries that helped me learn more about how the body worked.


My last days at the Kung Fu School were spent mostly alone as I was the last student. During this time, I studied more, refined my diet, and improved my training. This time was mentally draining (which I talk about here) but I came out of it self driven, even more so than before. In the time that I wasn't training I would be relaxing or studying different things about exercise trying to understand more.

When I lived in Shanghai for two months with my girlfriend, I continued training but not to the extreme that I was at the school. My body had suffered many injuries at the Kung Fu School (groin, hip, shoulder) so I used the colder winter as a time to recover. My diet was way better and my body started to put on weight again.

Heading Home

After Christmas, I headed back home a little lost as to what to do with myself. My now active body and mind wanted to go go go as if I was at the Kung Fu School still. Due to quarantine and the restrictions in my area I couldn't. After discussion with friends, girlfriend and parents I decided to go for my dream... to start my Kung Fu School online. This would allow me to continue with my physical journey but also use my experience to help others discover their own journey.

I can say now that I have more self confidence than before. Even though my body is only 74kg (163 pounds) I feel better and look better.

It's this feeling that I would like to spread to others.

So Happy New Year!

If you'd like to discover your own journey keep an eye out for my future Kung Fu courses OR follow me on Instagram for Kung Fu Knowledge and workout ideas~

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