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Off on the Right Foot

"Chilling breeze,

Brings silence all around.

Winter comes."

My day has been going well.

After work, I showered, ate, then watched some videos about my camera. Then sleep overcame me. Six and a half hours passed by, only disturbed by my healing arm becoming very irritated. Once awake, I took care of my burned arm then began studying some Thai.

I can't start training until this burn on my arm is fully healed so photography and language study are filling my time. To be honest, it has been nice taking a short break from training. I know that I'm probably losing some muscle and skill not practicing this long but I think my constant training/working is what caused my month long sickness. It's great to feel a little healthy again.

As I begin to rest my body to feel more healthy, it seems the world is beginning its big rest called winter. The temperatures are slowly getting colder, the nights have almost consumed all of the day. I rarely see the sun.

Hope you all have a good week.

The hopeful,


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