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Minnesota Monday

"Within the Self, there is a central force of character that unifies thoughts and actions.

When you are not in accord with your goals, you may feel indecision, conflict or malaise.

When you are, a sense of self confidence and well being will surround you."

Preparing for the End

As the Monk Manual says, each day we should prepare our schedule to match our heart and mind. That is what I did on the plane. I just slept, read, and thought about how I am going to get to where I want to be. The process will take time but I believe I can do it.

This week, I will return to my MMA classes with a new mentality. Instead of taking it serious each day, I will be more light hearted about my training. The reason for this mental switch is because that is the mindset I had for my two Sanda fights last weekend. And, I enjoyed those two fights immensely even though they were losses. I know that I will work overtime this week to make up for the missing hours.

My "side project" for this week will be writing scripts/plans for videos. The original purpose of this more professional blog/website. Instead of sleeping during my breaks I work, I will continue to write blog posts and plan out videos so that I can send out my little bit of Kung Fu knowledge to the world.

Hopefully, it will be profitable.

Not too Many Actions

"Live through our actions. Develop awareness, Purpose, and Focus."


Today was mostly full of travel and getting settled back home. Bruises are still all over my body from the fights but the mental clarity I got from those fights is still with me. I feel great.

I'll finish my night off with a shower and some meditation. If I'm going to be teaching Master Ning's style of meditation on this website then I better go back to practicing it.

Last Week

Looking at how "well" the fights went, I think my past weeks leading up to the fight were well spent. The important thing is I didn't give up on training and I still went to the fights. What I learned is I do need to prepare my training more. Make a plan and follow it. So, I've already started to map out next year's fights and am getting ideas for how my training will be.

Raja was right, there is an opportunity in USA for Sanda.

December Goals

It is now December. My goal for this month is... to enjoy December. I think with all that I've done this year I deserve a mental break from any kind of goal or objective. Let myself forget my "plan" for a little bit and just live. I can't explain how much I enjoyed participating in this tournament but it made me realize that I'm done working a job I don't like for hella money. I think, after my trip to Thailand, I'll go to a job that I enjoy. And do stuff that I enjoy.


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