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Lessons Learned

Time and Distractions

As I went through work today, my mind was still on the lessons from the camp. One lesson was from Shi Yan Lei, He talked about time and distractions. How people he's taught complained about having no time or money to do anything. We have machines to wash our clothes and dishes, machines to heat up our food, and places that make food for us. Yet, we still don't have time! It's not that we don't have time, it's simply that the things we "don't have time for" are not important enough to us.

To learn from this, I thought about what I wanted to do before. This blog was one of the things I enjoyed doing but said "I didn't have time for it". I also wanted to cook and prepare my own food after work. So here I am now, eating cinnamon, banana oatmeal with a side of pumpkin seeds and orange juice writing my blog after work. I even washed the dishes! All within an hour of coming home.

Qi and Energy

The other lesson that was on my mind was one from Shi Heng Yi. One day he was talking about qi (气) and how people wished that they would have more energy. He heard this often about how a person would say if they had more energy, then they would do more. So, some of these people resort to Qi Gong (气功) thinking that it is the answer. But, he said its not, it can help, but its not the answer.

Simply put, the point of having more energy is to do more. If you had double your energy, you should build your house and then go help your neighbor build theirs. But most would simply receive this double energy and live their day like normal, which is why life doesn't work like this. If you want more energy, then you must do things that demand more energy from your body. If the demand for more energy is consistent, your body will adapt.

This makes me think about myself quite a bit, as I believe I have more energy than most. Even with this abundance of energy, there are days that I waste the potential. I plan on continuing my training to demand more from myself. For the past few months, I think I've been sitting comfortably and not pushing my limits. The summer camp pushed me at times which surprised me. So I must keep going, keep challenging myself to that limit. Intelligently, of course.

Just wanted to write down some more things from the camp before they fade away from my mind.

Enjoy your week,

📿 Johnny

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