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Last Days in Phuket

Kata Alleyway
"What would you like to change or accomplish by the end of this week?"

Shanghai, Here I Come

All packed up, Covid test taken, and now I wait. The time here has gone by fast. Even though I tried to do a lot in three months; I wish I would've done a little more. During the three months, I learned that I need a structure to help me get stuff done. There were many days where I was just doing what I felt like doing, which isn't the best method of action.

Living in the Present

Phuket was a good experience for me. I learned a lot about myself and about trying to be in the present more. Life really does go by fast no matter how you spend your time. So you might as well spend it doing what you love. For me, I think I want to spend my life becoming a "martial artist". Training for those black belts, competing when I can, learning how to use ancient weapons, and meeting people of a similar mindset. What I think is a little different about me, is that I don't care what style I'm practicing anymore. Training is simply fun to me. Sure, I have my favorite style (Shaolin Kung Fu). As long as you get enjoyment, benefit, and are not lying to yourself with your training... then I think the training is good. Which is why I'll miss training at Tiger Muay Thai... the training was good.

Restless Mind

Now, as I pack up for Shanghai I reflect on my time at Maling. When training there, I felt that life's only purpose was learning Kung Fu. I didn't care about nutrition, food, money, visas, or life. I just trained. That is the biggest difference between now and then. My mind is never 100% on training anymore. There is always something eating at the back of my mind. Money. Visa. Next trip. Food. Weekend plans. Videos.

I'd like to be in a position to feel as careless as I did in Maling. Which is why I'm putting so much work into the blog, my videos, and social media. Hopefully, the work will pay off. I am blessed to have a supportive family and girlfriend who actually support this crazy idea of mine. Even if I fail or give up at one point in the journey, I just hope all this stuff I've put out there will help inspire someone else to take the jump on whatever their own journey might be.

Sunset over Kata Beach

Where I see Myself... the future? I'm not sure. I think I'd like to have my own martial arts gym in the United States. It would be like a normal MMA gym where people could come for classes. But, I'd also host month long "training camps" that gives people the opportunity to immerse themselves in training. Kind of like what I do traveling to Tiger Muay Thai or Maling Kung Fu School but in the USA. There are many people who won't travel to Thailand or China because it is too far or too expensive. But, if it was in say... Minnesota. People would come because it is easier to get there. I'd probably teach my Kung Fu/Muay Thai/ Kickboxing to people and find someone else to teach Grappling.

A long way to go...

That is all just a dream right now. For now, I'll just enjoy training and traveling. Right now I'm pretty optimistic, I feel like anything is possible.

Hope you're having a good day.


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