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Journey of the Forgotten Bananas

Where the Road Goes

Weekend Shenanigans

The weekend went by fast. Saturday, I began to journey out of "Fighter's Street" and find things to do. So far I've only walked where my two feet are able to take me in this heat, which is about a thirty minute walk. Surprisingly, there is a good amount of stuff within thirty minutes of fighter's street. It wasn't until Sunday that I found Wat Chalong, the Lotus Supermarket, and a farmer's market full of fruit, veggies, and meat.

After eating at a cool restaurant, I headed to the market and bought... way too many bananas. My eyes found the peak of Wat Chalong nearby, so with a bag full of groceries I marched towards the temple. People walked all around the temple. Taking photos, praying, and just looking. Incense and firecrackers filled the air. The temple's walls were painted with murals about Buddha's life. The first floor had "sleeping Buddha" and the second floor had the more traditional "sitting Buddha". There was a third floor as well that contained a relic of some sort.

"Lord Buddha's Relics Mantra

啊杭 卟差咪 凸啦蔸

啊杭 卟差咪 他土优

啊杭 卟差咪 仨啪嗖

A-Hang, Bu-Chae-Mi, Tou-Ra-Tou

A-Hang, Bu-Chae-Mi, Ta-Tue-Yo

A-Hang, Bu-Chae-Mi, Sup-Pa-Soe

Repeat 1,3,5,7,9, times, then make a wish."

Looking at my phone, it said that there was a Watson's nearby. In China, I remember Watson's having sun screen without whitener. Meandering about the streets, I found it but to my surprise it was a massive supermarket/mall like you'd find at home. Backpack filled to the max, I ordered a Grab Ride to take me home. 260 Thai Bhat later, I was home.

When I got home... I had forgotten all about my bananas I bought at the market which were now pretty beat up from a few hours of walking around. So I cut up the beat up ones to freeze them into banana bites. The good ones (which are few) will hopefully be eaten quickly.

Monday's Over

Thailand is cheap, but everything takes money. Eating three meals a day at 100-200 Bhat (3-6 USD) a meal slowly adds up. Then your Grab Rides (8-12 USD), the protein shakes/smoothies after class (6 USD), SIM card fee, and private classes to get better...

You see what I mean.

Not only that, but I'll have to rent a scooter one of these days so that I can get around more freely. For now, I'm trying to build a habit of training so... maybe that is something for at the end of the month.

Happy Birthday to my sister!


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