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I've Gotta Stop Listening to Fortune Cookies

"Your aspirations are yours and yours alone. Don't waver."

-Fortune Cookie from Wisconsin

Preparing for the Next Adventure...

It is Monday, and I'm back in the office for the last week. The countdown to Thursday is on my mind. As that day marks the last day I'm at this place. The following Monday, I fly off to Thailand for a (hopefully) fun adventure.

Actions for the Week

Weekly Goals

This week I plan on just packing, tossing out old stuff, and cleaning up my room. I'm still trying to plan out what I'm going to do once my Thailand Visa expires. As there are a lot of options.

  • Border Hop in and out, focusing on training and travel in Thailand

  • Use the Border Hop to see another country, maybe do a meditation retreat?

  • Come home early and decide if I want to go long term in Thailand

Besides packing, I don't have much else in terms of goals. Just show up to work, do my job, and come home.

Daily Goals

For my day to day life, I still am focusing on running, stretching, and lifting weights. The little bump in the road I had this month made me reevaluate the priorities of my goals. Looking at my little notepad, I saw I had written "Stretching/Splits" as my yearly goal. And yet, lifting weights always took priority over working on the splits. So, I have made it a rule that I can't lift weights until I've worked on my split routine. A silly, but necessary rule for me.

Reflecting on these Past Few Weeks...

Monthly Reflection

Even though I wrote at the beginning of the month, "No Overtime". I worked OT a little bit each week. There were two reasons for that; 1, to finish up any projects that I had. 2, to make a little extra money to go towards Thailand. Being without a stable income is kind of a spooky thought. When I land in Thailand, I will have to budget very carefully to get the most out of the money I've saved.

Each day I'll have to ask, "What is really important right now?" and I'll have to work my butt off in order to get some sort of income coming in. Hopefully that will be through those Online Kung Fu courses I was talking about... two years ago.

The feeling I've had recently has been a pretty good one. Taking three months off of BJJ/Muay Thai training to really just focus on my personal schedule has helped clear my mind of so much... clutter. Tiredness still follows me each day but it is a tiredness earned through pursing goals that I actually want to accomplish. That is something I'll have to keep in mind while I'm in Thailand. Knowing myself, I will want to try many things. Somehow, I'll have to remind myself to not get distracted by all that there is. Time and energy must be spent on what I want to do first, then I can explore.

Maybe that could be a video idea... Why I'm going to Thailand.

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Feb 21, 2023

Good luck on your adventure.

I wish you all the best!

Mar 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!


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