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Holiday Passes, Work Returns

Church Tower, Blue Sky

In a flash of family activity, the weekend is over.

Soon, I will return to slogging away in the factory earning currency for my time. The only thing motivating me is the hope of adventure. I needed this rest, my mind and body feel great. The cold (possible bronchitis) that I've had all of November is finally losing its slimy grasp from my throat. I have energy, motivation, and a good mood to top it off.

To think that this year is almost over is crazy. I've accomplished many of my goals that I set in the beginning of this year... and then some. My shoulder is "fixed", money has been saved, tools bought, skills learned. The "plan" that started forming in my mind a few years ago really has been refined. With experience, I can better prepare for this Kung Fu endeavor. I didn't expect it but that potato factory I worked at gave me the experience needed to get this really good paying job that I have now.

With all the highs and lows of life, it is interesting to see how the pieces all come together.

I'm just thankful for so many things. The family, friends, and others who have helped me. For each and every high and low moment. For the experiences that I've been through. For the challenges I face. It seems that all of it comes together for a reason that I can never predict.

This blog is for myself, but to those who find inspiration in it; keep going, don't give up, always work towards that dream of yours.

The Traveler of Highs and Lows,


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