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Happy Easter 🐰🥚

"And since all things are subject to change, nothing exists in a permanent condition, nothing is able to remain the same under its own independent power. Thus, all things are under the power or influence of other factors. So, at any given moment no matter how pleasant or pleasurable your experience may be, it will not last."

-The Art of Happiness, The Dalai Lama

Preparing for Another Week

It has been a few days since I wrote. This week was an interesting week. My girlfriend's visit ended and shortly after I was visited by Matt, an Australian that I met at Maling. I hiked the Big Buddha trail with him and ate some Thai Food. Saturday was simply spent editing videos from my girlfriend's visit. Today, will be spend doing the same thing.

New Stores on Soi Ta Ied

There are some new restaurants and bars along this street. One of which opened up right in front of where I live. It's a bar, called "UBar", that serves drinks and does... karaoke really late into the night. Big fan. I love trying to sleep to bad renditions of today's most popular songs.

Thai Style Breakfast, toast, eggs, meat, and salad

Completing those "Important Tasks"

Last post, I hinted at some "important tasks" that I had for this month. Well, I've been working on those tasks.

Extend my visa

Right now, I am on a 60 day tourist visa in Thailand. Meaning, I have until April 29th to either extend my stay by another 30 days OR leave the country. My plan is to go to the Immigration Office in Phuket on the 27th or 28th to extend my visa. This will get me through my three months at Tiger Muay Thai.

Decide on "Month 4" plans

But, I don't want to leave after 3 months. I'd like to stay for four months. Using the fourth month to see other parts of Thailand. What I want to do is head up north to Chiang Mai, live/train there for a few weeks and finally head back south to Bangkok for a week before returning home to the States.

Decide if I want to compete in Sanda

This one, I'm still going back and forth on. On one hand, I'd like to keep fighting throughout this year. On the other hand, registration, flight, hotels, and more are all so expensive. Then again... what use is money if I don't use it? You see my predicament?

Book Travel Tickets

This has been taking the most research. Especially since I can't refund my original ticket that I booked. (In fact, I have to pay to cancel it or face a "no show fee"!) The good thing is this: most of travel throughout Thailand is pretty cheap. So all of my crazy ideas of go here and go there are possible.

We'll just have to see how much money I have by the end of this four month trip. 😬

Blank spaces usually mean, I forgot what I was doing.

Reflecting on Choices

What is really important right now?

I said it last week but I already feel bad about not training as much this week. Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of fun seeing Karon Beach, Big Buddha, Phuket Central, and doing things I normally wouldn't. Looking at my choices throughout the week it makes me realize what I think is important in the moment. That usually is other people or exploring something new. On Saturday I made the decision to not go to class. This way I could spend the weekend focusing on just editing photos and videos. My Sunday has been spent planning out and pricing the rest of this journey, as well as editing and writing.

Are these bad decisions? No. If I keep making videos and eventually make money off of them, then I'll be able to keep my adventures going longer. Are these bad decisions for becoming a better fighter? Yes. This will be a constant balance that I will be playing with throughout my entire adventure.

Struggle with Consistency

This struggle with being consistent is never ending. Instead of reading online about how to become the best, most fit fighter in the world. I'm doing what fits my ability and schedule. I know I can do more during the week, which is why I'm gradually pushing myself more and more. And I know that the weekends are for working on my "business". I just need to get better at compartmentalizing "this is work time" and "this is training time".

Hope you all have a Happy Easter! Stay tuned for this week's video.


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