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Grappler's Retreat 2022 Day Three

"I bring my own unique value to everyday."

I'm sore today but after my morning Qi Gong practice I feel pretty good. Ron, the guy from the east coast, is trying to get people to do cold plunges in the rivers near the camp. While I'm here I just want to relax and train. Cold showers, hard training, and work are all awaiting me at home. Here, I just want to sleep, read, practice Qi Gong, and enjoy myself.

One thought that has popped into my head throughout today was that I'm always surrounded by people. At work, I am talking and working with many people, at home I'm around my parents and grandma. On the phone my sister or girlfriend are calling me. Then, at the gym I'm around people as well. That might be one of the reasons I don't mind not talking a lot at this camp. No music. No computer. No phone. Just training and then the rest of the time is for relaxation.

It's nice.

Lessons Learned

Today, Mason Fowler taught us a Rolling Defense for getting some one off of our back and transitioning to their close guard or to our Knee Shield. We also practiced a few chokes with and without the Gi. One was called the "Bow and Arrow" choke which seemed to work pretty well but was a bit difficult to get into. We also learned a triangle choke from the Bow and Arrow position.

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